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Long Term

  • Recurring: Weekly or Bi-Weekly
  • Support Admin Needs of the Organization
  • Make Phone Calls, Emails, Flyer Drops, Etc.
  • Prepare for Sessions
  • Training to Deliver Workshops as needed (Churches/Schools/Etc.)
  • Support Outreach Activities


  • Once or Twice a month or Bi-Monthly
  • Support Recurring Outreach Activities
  • Make Calls, Emails, Flyer Drops, Etc.

Become A Chairperson

  • Fundraising Chairperson
  • Health & Wellness Chairperson
  • Public Relations Chairperson
  • Work Force Development Chairperson
  • Community Outreach Chair

How Can You Make A Difference?
No Deed Too Small!

  • If your organization/company has a Community Cares Program, or something where they conduct fundraising or a matching program, please consider S2S Facts, Inc.
  • If your organization/family/small business raise funds for nonprofits or have a program in placeplease add S2S Facts, Inc.
  • If you are on social media and during your birthday or special day want to donate to a local nonprofit, making huge impacts in the community, consider S2S Facts, Inc.
  • National Giving Day – Now a Global day of unity in response to COVID-19

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