Volunteers aged 12 and older are welcome, community service hours offered.

Our volunteer support ambassadors are the most vital force behind everything we do. If you would like to learn more about S2S Facts and how we can work together to improve girls & women’s relations, cohesiveness while elevating self-esteem as well as self-development.

Please submit an inquiry below or email Donna Williams at info@s2sfactsinc.com

A. Community & Volunteer Support

If your organization or company has a Community Cares Program or something where they conduct fundraising or a matching program, please consider S2S Facts, Inc.

If your organization, family, or small business raises funds for nonprofits or has a program in place please add S2S Facts, Inc.

If you are on social media and during your birthday or special day want to donate to a local nonprofit, making huge impacts in the community, consider S2S Facts, Inc.

National Giving Day – Now a Global Day of Unity in response to COVID-19

Way to support and assist S2S Facts goals:

  • Join our Advisory Committee(s)
  • Resource Development
  • Health & Wellness
  • Public Relations
  • Workforce Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Membership & Recruitment
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B. Time Commitment

  • Support Administration Needs of the Organization
  • Make Phone Calls, Emails, Flyer Drops, Etc.
  • Prepare for Gab Group Sessions
  • Training to Deliver Workshops as needed (Churches/Schools/Etc.)
  • Support Community Outreach Activities
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C. Corporate Partners

S2S Facts provides corporate partners powerful and compelling opportunities to help improve girls and women’s relations, cohesiveness while elevating self-esteem as well as self-development. Through a variety of engaging and flexible programs, S2S Facts partners can contribute their resources to provide monthly empowerment, community engagement, and necessity pantry items for girls, women, and senior citizens, while meeting their own business goals.

In addition to a traditional donation, S2S Facts partnership opportunities include:

  • Philanthropic donation for the area of greatest need or an investment in one of S2S Facts strategic initiatives to help bridge the gap through diversity, empowerment, community engagement and inspiring friendship ultimately creating environments of equity, inclusion, and belonging for years to come.
  • Cause marketing campaigns, such as a percentage of proceeds, dollar per item sold, or point-of-purchase donation request.
  • Corporate match for a national giving campaign, such as Giving Tuesday (Tuesday following Thanksgiving) or a campaign tailored to any appropriate time of year.
  • Sponsorship of events or key areas of S2S Facts work that support the four pillars of the organization and provide the opportunity to align with S2S Facts’ stakeholders.
  • Workplace giving payroll deduction, dress down days, or other in-office fundraising campaigns.
  • In-kind support such as company trinkets that align with S2S Facts needs (tote bags/sanitizers, etc.), technology donations, use of venues for special event(s) or professional expertise in a variety of areas, such as public relations support to raise awareness about S2S Facts campaigns, advertising, digital, and social media.
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"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them” Ida B Wells...
@s2sfacts coalition of ladies enjoyed the Black History educational experience provided at the Sankofa Museum display. 
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Garden City Community Group, Inc. has partnered with S2S Facts, Inc. To giveaway Turkeys for this Thanksgiving Holiday while supplies last. Thank you to The Pines Apartments leadership for allowing The Garden City Community Group Inc. and @s2sfacts to distribute Free Turkeys; Open to all Garden City Ga.  Residents,  while supplies last!
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Congratulations @throughit.all for being selected by the children to win the "Kids Choice Award". T.I.A.has won 🏆 2years in a row @s2sfacts Annual Trunk or Treat...Today's event was awesome,  filled with fun..parents and kids enjoyed activities suchas. Cakewalk,  jump rope, bubble blowing contest, musical chairs and received tons of treats!  Thanks to all soonsors @livinghopesav
@cricketwireless @amerigroup3 @caresource 
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