S2S Facts is dedicated to developing programs and services in order to enrich the lives of those we serve within communities; in many ways enhance the quality of life for individuals and families ultimately improving growth & development.

  • Social Determinant of Health

    S2S Facts Inc is a Partner Agency of Aunt Bertha’s Community Resource Link. Enter your zip code to find food, rental, utilities, and other resources

  • Gab Group Sessions

    Join us for our sessions. Our interactive live or virtual group session have a fun, friendly learning atmosphere where discussions are conducted in a safe, no-judgement zone. View our monthly calendar.

  • Senior Citizens Necessity Pantry

    Our social responsibility to the community, we launched the SCNP to serve those under-served senior citizens with limited mobility and transportation. Click below to apply.

  • Workforce Development Program

    The goal of S2S Facts WFD youth program is to assist at-risk youth with development in the areas of Employability, Personal/Social Development and Communications.

  • Friendship Foundation

    Friendship is an important part of the foundation of growth and development and can impact many aspects of our life. Our goal is to inspire friendship.

Do you have a teenager who will turn 18 by May 24th.  Have them register to vote ASAP.
Deadline to register to vote in May 24th Georgia Primary is Mondays,  April 25th.
Registration only takes seconds , go to the Secretary of state website below Check your registrationto make sure you haven'tbeen purged....
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Save the date April 23rd! Join S2S Facts and others as we support the Circle of Hope Earth Day Celebration... FUN.  FAMILY. FESTIVITIES ! CHECK OUT THE EVENT PAGE! 
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